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1980 NCAA Championship Game - Louisville vs. UCLA

1980 NCAA Championship Game - Louisville vs. UCLA

"Doctors of Dunk Deliver First NCAA Championship!"

Denny Crum's 1980 Cardinals played their brand of basketball above the rim. The "Doctors of Dunk" were led by a 6-foot-4 leaper out of Male High School in Louisville, Kentucky––Darrell Griffith. Louisville had played well Griffith's first three years, but fell short of the Final Four and short of the expectations of Louisville players, coaches and fans. In 1980, Griffith's senior year, things would be different.

UCLA, who had turned Crum's Cardinals away in 1972 and again in 1975 in the semifinals, would not do the same in the 1980 Championship Final. Rodney McCray's 11 rebounds and Griffith's 23 points, including an 18-foot jumper that broke a 54-54 tie, proved too much for the Bruins as the Cardinals went on to win 59-54.

This DVD contains the complete 1980 NCAA Championship game, with coverage from NBC Sports, without commercial interruption, in fullscreen digital video.


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