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Reds Memories: The Greatest Moments in Cincinnati Reds History

Reds Memories: The Greatest Moments in Cincinnati Reds History

Cincinnati and professional baseball go back a long way–to the beginning–May 4, 1869–when the Red Stockings debuted as the nation's first professional team. And there is quite a litany of "firsts" in REDS MEMORIES, an incredibly detailed compilation of Cincinnati Reds history. The 1919 World Series title–the first for the franchise–is brought to life like never before. Watch Johnny Vander Meer become the first and only man to throw back-to-back no-hitters. Return to that evening in 1935 when Cincinnati became the first Major League team to host an evening baseball game. Witness the rise and fall of the amazing Big Red Machine–the first team in the division era to sweep the postseason. And, of course, you’ll relive the hitting milestones of the phenomenal Pete Rose and the wire-to-wire journey of the 1990 championship team. For more than 140 years Cincinnati has been one of the bedrocks of professional baseball, featuring unparalleled players and managers –from Joe Nuxhall to Frank Robinson–from Bid McPhee to Johnny Bench–from Sparky Anderson to Lou Piniella. It's all right here: the Hall of Famers, the championship teams, the historic past and the promising future. REDS MEMORIES is the first complete retrospective of Cincinnati Reds history through three centuries of baseball. Just another first for the Team of Firsts. DVD Features Tom Browning Perfect Game--Final AB; 1990 Reds Player Billy Bates Races Cheetah; Ken Griffey Jr.--500th HR AB/600th HR AB; Johnny Bench Night HR (Final of Career); Pete Rose Passes Ty Cobb Hit Record; Tom Seaver No-Hitter--Final AB Johnny Vander Meer Tribute; Johnny Bench National Baseball Hall Of Fame Speech Run Time - 108 Minutes

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