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Carmelo's Way

Carmelo's Way

Carmelo Anthony, is widely regarded as one of the best players in the game, leading Syracuse to the 2003 NCAA National Championship and becoming a three-time NBA All-Star.. Now, with CARMELO's WAY, Carmelo tells his story beyond the NBA hardwood. Find out what it takes to be a world-class athlete as Carmelo trains under the guidance of Nuggets strength and conditioning coach Steve Hess, ride with Carmelo as he visits China for a charity basketball game, go behind the scenes of USA basketball as Carmelo prepares for Olympic qualifying and return to Baltimore with Carmelo as he gives back to the city, neighborhoods and schools that shaped him into the person he is today.. Narrated by Carmelo through a series of in-depth interviews and on-location footage, and supplemented with commentary from those who know him best—his mother, brother, friends and coaches—CARMELO's WAY is the unfiltered story of Carmelo Anthony, in his own words.. DVD Features The Confident Jumper; Won and Done; Nutrition Mission; The Keys to Success with Steve Hess. Run Time: 120 + bonus footage

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